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Integrated Satisfaction Measurement for PACE (I-SAT™)


The Integrated Satisfaction Measurement for PACE (I-SAT™) is a trusted third-party solution designed specifically for the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) that allows providers to gain actionable insights to improve participant satisfaction.

As a reliable and valid means for collecting quality of service and care information from PACE participants, the I-SAT addresses the full range of services provided by PACE and uses a gold standard in-person interview methodology to collect participant information in the PACE Center in the participant’s preferred language.

In addition to providing participant and caregiver satisfaction data, the I-SATTM assists PACE organizations in meeting regulatory reporting requirements and identifies the priority areas for quality improvement initiatives, cross-site comparisons, national benchmarking, and longitudinal analysis.

I-SAT is available to PACE programs nationwide and is currently used by nearly 75% of the PACE centers in the country. A PACE family/caregiver survey is available, as well. This survey addresses caregiver satisfaction with PACE, and burden as measured by the well-known and extensively used Zarit Burden Survey.

Employee satisfaction and engagement rounds out the I-SAT toolkit.  The employee survey covers general job satisfaction, employee focus, communication, and overall satisfaction items and can be administered on paper, online or a combination of both in multiple languages.

The I-SAT survey is a partnership between the California PACE Association (CalPACE) and Vital Research.  For more information on the I-SAT tools, please download the brochure and contact us for more information.


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