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PACECare by RTZ Systems 

Systems that work. People that care.  


RTZ Systems has served PACE since its inception in the 1970s. Today we offer PACE organizations a modern EHR developed specifically for PACE. 

The RTZ difference. We are: 

  • Committed to the PACE market – both today and tomorrow
  • Centered entirely on developing and supporting software, not selling ancillary services
  • Focused on our customers, not shareholders

Welcome to a software company that cares about your success! 


PACECare is a cloud-based EHR specifically developed to support the unique needs of PACE centers. We did not tack on a few PACE-relevant modules to an acquired EHR; rather, we worked closely with PACE programs across the country to develop the newest version of  PACECare from the first line of code. And every day we work to make it even better.  

The PACECare difference. The system is: 

  • Interoperable: PACECare is a complete EHR that also supports an open ecosystem, allowing you to use the systems and services that you want while avoiding vendor lock-in. 
  • Flexible: PACECare offers optional add-on components (such as Adult Day) and services (such as TPA) designed to give you the support you need while keeping you in control. 
  • Secure: We take the security and confidentiality of your data seriously and have an unblemished track record of protecting participant information. 


Schedule a demo today and see firsthand why a growing number of PACE organizations are switching to PACECare! 


PACECare is a complete EHR that was specifically developed to meet the unique operational and programmatic needs of PACE centers. This means that PACECare can better support and streamline PACE data collection and reporting requirements than traditional EHRs designed for a hospital or clinical practice setting. Not surprisingly PACECare continues to increase its market share among PACE programs. Below is a high-level overview of select functionality.  


  • Advanced med selection
  • Pharmacy flexibility
  • EPCS and built-in decision support
  • Lab integration
  • Discipline-based assessments
  • Care plans
  • Vaccine-tracking


  • Prospect management & enrollment
  • Day center management
  • Virtual client management
  • Schedule & track every service
  • Transportation
  • IDT meeting tools
  • Integrated dashboards


  • State and federal Encounters
  • Control claims in-house or use TPA
  • Vendor management
  • IBNR
  • Medicare enrollment
  • Track Medicare & Medicaid payments


  • Universe tracking
  • Health outcomes (HPMS)
  • PACE Quality Data
  • DataPACE 3
  • Data feeds
  • State reporting

Counties Serving

- All Florida Counties

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