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Intus Care

Our Mission

Intus Care empowers PACE programs through data to deliver more effective care to older adults.

How We Help

Intus Care helps PACE programs improve care while reducing costs through data empowerment, process improvements, and audit preparation.

The Intus Care Software

Intus Care software is a data analytics platform that synthesizes existing electronic health record data to identify and correlate trends in PACE organizations. By integrating existing data silos, the Intus Care data engine automates the tracking of patient acuity, quality metrics, benchmarking information, and more, helping mitigate preventable high-utilization events and turn data into valuable insights.

How We Help Your Organization get Set-up:

Intus Care’s Data Engine onboarding process is comprehensive and applicable. Our team of PACE experts starts by assessing your organization’s current quality work plan, then compares current data to updated national benchmarks. Using this information, we work with you to structure a software rollout that helps maximize improvements and streamline processes.

PACE Technical Assistance Consulting

Our Technical Assistance team consists of leading and innovative PACE experts. We share the mission of improving clinical outcomes through data and growing the PACE model of care across the country. Our team’s expertise helps programs achieve growth, streamline operations, prepare for CMS audits, improve clinical outcomes, and much more.

Our Approach

With all of our PACE partners, we take a hands-on approach to inform our projects with organizational data that assists in identifying the real issues and opportunities within a PACE program’s development

Counties Serving

All Florida counties

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