Grane Rx

Grane Rx is the nation’s leading PACE pharmacy and medication management provider. For more than 25 years we’ve specialized in senior pharmacy care and were one of the first to offer comprehensive, PACE specific pharmacy services starting in 2006.

Today we work with PACE organizations across Florida and the country to serve the rapidly growing participant population. Grane Rx partners with PACE organization to shift from a center-based pharmacy model to a pharmacy-based one managed by Grane Rx’s team of pharmacy specialists.

• Streamlined PACE operations
• A pharmacy partner that understands PACE
• Safe and accurate medication distribution
• Increased bandwidth to focus on care

Our end-to-end PACE pharmacy services include MedsHome, White Glove medication delivery, staff training, on-going staff support, pharmacy transition facilitation, precision medication insights, and state-of-the-art pharmacy technology and automation. We work closely with our customers to build a collaborative relationship and ensure a smooth pharmacy transition.

Counties Serving

- All Florida Counties

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