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Biofourmis CEO Kuldeep Singh Rajput founded the company with a vision: To predict disease before it happens and to change clinical futures for the better. The technology-enabled care delivery solution does this by leveraging innovative tech and clinical services that free patients from the costly cycle of clinical exacerbations and hospital readmissions, while keeping them connected, confident, and one step ahead of their disease.

Biofourmis is working with PACE to deliver personalized, predictive care, to the right patients, at the right time for better health and improved outcomes. The goal is to manage participants’ health in the comfort of their own homes to reduce hospitalizations and improve their health. Participants are provided with a kit that includes a wearable armband sensor that monitors vital signs 24/7/365. That data is complemented with information that patients share with clinicians through an app accessed through a tablet computer that’s provided by the program. The solution is personalized, the level of monitoring can easily be adjusted to your current needs. For example, when you return home from the hospital, around-the-clock monitoring will ensure a high level of care. As your health improves, periodic check-ins may be more appropriate.

Data inputs and machine learning-based analytics create a personalized baseline for each participant, and quickly recognizes what’s normal for you. If any early signs of a potential health issue are detected, a healthcare provider is immediately notified so that they can intervene before it becomes a crisis. Participants also have around-the-clock access to audio and video calls with a dedicated clinical support team. In addition to addressing emergent issues, the team facilitates in-person clinic visits when needed and ensures home care delivery is on track.

Biofourmis also provides social support to participants through regular outreach. That means support for medication management and reminders, health promotion around diet and exercise, customized support tools, and keeping PACE participants and clinicians connected. Biofourmis and PACE are focused on keeping all participants healthier—together.

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