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Better Life Medical & Surgical Supply

Your ONE STOP provider to a full line of DME products ranging from mobility to incontinence supplies, ostomy and wound care.

Accepted all major Insurances Medicare & Medicaid We are In-Network with most major insurances.

Our Products

Continuous Glucose Monitoring and other Diabetic Supplies

FreeStyle Libre 2 & 3 System (CGM)

Dexcom G6 & G7 (CGM)

Diabetic Test trips

Lancets and other

Diabetic Shoes & Inserts

Mobility Supplies

Wheelchairs (standard, heavy duty, lightweight)

Power Scooters, Wheelchairs



Crutches and all ambulatory supplies

Incontinence Supplies

Diapers & Pull Ups




Liners, Pads, Guards and etc.

Wound Care




Gauze Pads & More

High Quality Wound Care Supplies

Patient Room

Hospital Beds (Semi, Full Electric, Manual)

Bed Rails

Trapeze bars


Patient Lift Chairs

Blood Pressure Monitor

Enteral Nutrition Supplies

Enteral Feeding

Portable Feeding Pumps

Pump Feeding Bags

Back-up Feeding Tubes

Syringes, Tape, and Dressings

Bolus and Continuous Feeding Extension Sets

Feeding Pump Backpacks

Urological Supplies

Intermittent Catheters

External Catheters

Foley Catheters

Closed System Kits

Leg Bags

Bedside Drain Bags

Irrigation and Insertion Trays

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Orthopedic shoes & Insoles

Abdominal & Back Supports

Ankle & Foot Supports

Arm & Shoulder Supports

Casting Supplies

Compression Stockings & Socks

Knee Supports

Neck & Head Supports

Counties Serving

- All Florida Counties

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